Process of henna paste removal


Henna looks different on everyone. Body chemistry, temperature and location on the body play a big role in how dark the stain will be. Below the knee and below the elbow will have the darkest stain. It takes 48 hours for henna to reach its darkest stain. Your henna body art will last 1-3 weeks. The following are some steps you can use to ensure a good henna stain:

1. LEAVE THE PASTE ON.  Leave the paste on for 4-8 hours. For best results leave the paste on overnight. The longer the paste stays on the skin (up to 8 hours), the darker the stain will be.

2. HEAT.  Henna likes heat. It actually draws heat away from your body. Stay warm to get a good stain. 

3. SEAL IT. ReMarkable Blackbird uses a lemon sugar spray to seal your henna art or we apply a paper tape bandage once it is dry.

4. REMOVING THE PASTE (NO WATER).  You can use an olive/veggie oil or lemon juice to help you remove the henna paste. Use your finger nails, a spoon or an old credit card to scrape the rest off. Do not use water to remove paste, it will lighten the stain. To start, your design will be light yellow/orange. Do not wet the skin for at least 12 hours. And over the next 48 hours, watch as your henna develops into a rich chestnut brown.

5. MOISTURIZE.  Apply ReMarkable Blackbird aftercare balm or olive oil after you remove the paste, before and after bathing. Avoid Petroleum moisturizers and sunscreens. Exfoliation of the skin is what causes henna to fade. Excess washing and friction from clothing will make the stain fade faster. If you follow the above guidelines, your henna stain can last for weeks depending on your unique body.