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"Within you is the divine capacity to manifest and attract all that you need or desire." 

Wayne Dyer

We hear over and over how relaxing the process of henna is, both for the recipient and the on-lookers.  Many people report a deep sense of ease while having henna applied and are mesmerized as the design emerges. We arrive with our box of magic tools, including Aftercare instructions, body quality glitter, gems and 100% natural red-brown henna. ReMarkable Blackbird (Founded in 2006) will arrive at your door with designs ready to hand-draw to your unique liking. All of our artists are practiced in the art of Mehndi, both traditional and modern. We encourage you to ask for the “artist’s choice,” where you will enter into a collaboration with a seasoned artist who will create for you a one-of-a-kind custom design.

Located in Portland, Maine, we work with any size event from a large corporate affair to a small party in your home. Fully licensed and insured nationwide and available for travel to events.  Feel free to call or e-mail for a free phone consultation on your next function. 

Dropping you a note to let you know how well your program was received by our audience. The comments were over-the-top extraordinary. It was quite lovely to see mothers and daughters, grandmothers and grandsons, and adults who have never before attended library programs thrilled by an afternoon spent with you. You are a true artist for sure and we deeply appreciate your willingness to travel from Maine to dazzle East Hampton, CT.
— Sue Berescik

Genevieve Levin a.k.a Nev

Nev’s core belief about the world is that we are all connected through pattern, both visually and contextually.  She is passionate about exploring that connection with her art.


Genevieve Levin is a multi-media artist in her hometown of Portland, Maine. She enjoys creating luminous, vibrant artwork with henna, paper, acrylic, fabric, found objects, sound and all things that shine. Nev fills up her days DJ'ing, dancing and keeping her eye and heart firmly fixed on finding the beauty in the world.  She has spent her time adorning and enlivening the lives of many since becoming a full time henna artist in 2006.

After earning her BFA (’97) from The Maine College of Art, Nev was a studio potter and an art educator, trained to with people with special needs and the elderly. She is fully licensed and certified with the ICNHA (International Certification in Natural Henna Arts) since 2004 and presents at schools, libraries as well as teaching at henna conferences around the world. You will often find her working festivals in summer and autumn and in more intimate settings with brides or appling crowns for people undergoing treatment for cancer. Nev's specialty and passion is adorning Mamas-to-be doing belly henna.  

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Featured in books, magazines and film



Director Brynmore Williams
Featuring Catherine Musinsky sharing her
experience with cancer and recovery.
12 short film festival awards.


The art of Mehndi

The 2013 reprint of The art of Mehndi by Sumita Batra.
"No longer the preserve of Asian and Middle Eastern brides, mehndi has been embraced by women of all backgrounds"


CAUGHT red-handed

with Lisa Butterworth "Caught Red-Handed will have interviews with all your favorite henna artists from around the world, talking about henna, but straying as far as possible into other areas of interest and inspiration."

You are the best Henna artist ever! I got so many emails about how much the henna was enjoyed at the wedding. Thank you for being so flexible with all the craziness and really making it a great experience for all! We were not just pleased, we were thrilled with your work. I’d feel comfortable speaking with anyone who wanted to know more.
— Anjalee

Client List Includes:
University of New England
University of Maine
Thomas Collage
Connecticut Library Circuit
Dance New England
Bright Star World Dance
Shipyard Brewery
SPACE Gallery
The Thirsty Pig
Real Weddings Maine
Style Me Pretty
Directors of The Way We Get By
Gita Pullapilly and Aron Gaudet!

Featured Speaker:
Pacific Northwest Henna Adventure 2019
Henna Huddle London UK 2016, 2018
HennaCon CA 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
Henna Intensive CA 2012
Spring Fling CA 2014